Diesel fuel milage questions,nOOb

Discussion in '1982-Present GM Diesel' started by TexasBlazerBoy, Mar 1, 2007.

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    Diesel guys inlighten me. I have never owned a diesel.

    Does the fuel mileage justify the purchase of a new diesel and cost of fuel. Do you get more miles per gallon out of it than a gas engine?

    I can fill up my 02 Dodge 4 dr SLT(5.9L) for about $50 and maybeeee run all week.

    I drive round trip 40+ miles a day to go to work. I don't have to tow anything, although I am working on getting a tow bar for my Blazer.

    Gas where I live is $2.25, Diesel is $2.43.

    Please no bashing the diesel nOOb:o

  2. imiceman44

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    Welllet's put it this way:
    the Gas 5.9 gets about 16-18MPG empty, loaded and towing could drop to 10-13MPG, sometimes even lower if the load is heavy, and you're limited on speed when you tow heavy loads.
    The diesel 5.0 gets about 18-21MPG empty, sometimes even more if you don't have a heavy foot, and when towing shouldn't drop to more than 18MPG.
    So towing, you do benifit a lot from the better mileage of a deisel.
    That is comparing newer trucks.
    If you have like me an older gas truck you get at best 10mpg empty and 5-7mpg towing, while the earlier diesel still get 18-24MPG empty and 16-18MPG towing, so that would justify switching because the difference is considerable.
    Now go to a comparable new Big block to match the power of the new diesel and you get to the low 5-7MPG towing and that means savings with the diesel.
    I don't think you can benefit too much by switching, since you will take a hit on your truck in the trade in and the difference you will pay will be way more than what you would save in gas for the next 10 years.
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    from what i have seen the srw's get way better mileage, we have a dually duramax and get like 13-14, but its always loaded down with tools and has a ladder rack. But, its fast and our last work truck that was non dually and had a short bed got 10 mpg on gas. i would say gas mileage is just one plus of a diesel
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    Accelerating the 2 extra tires and wheels, along with the added wind drag from the fenders, make a BIG difference.
  5. longbedder

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    Let's say you were looking at brand new gas versus diesel trucks, and say the brand new gas truck gets the same mileage you are now (about 11 MPG). Let's say the diesel would get 22 MPG driving the way you do.

    The initial cost of the diesel will be higher - I'll say $8000 more.

    With the price of gas ($2.25) and diesel ($2.43) in your area, it would take 7.5 years to recover $8000 in fuel savings. For the math see the end of this post.

    Now in real life this is trickier because you already have equity in your current truck. Diesels are great, but you can buy a LOT of gas versus the increased initial cost of a diesel.


    Current - $50/week (250 miles @ 11 MPG @ $2.25 gal)
    Diesel - 11.4 gallons x $2.43 = $28/week
    Savings/Week = $22, Savings/Month = $88
    Months to recoup $8000 = 91 (thats a bit over 7.5 years)
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    Unless you are towing a lot (at least once per week or more) than I personally don't think you can justify the extra cost of the diesel. When I bought my truck the exact same vehicle with the diesel engine was going to cost an extra $5,000. Take the initial purchase cost, increased maintenance cost, and the more expensive diesel fuel in account, and you would have to drive a lot miles before you would even break even.

    Couple other comments:
    - I want to see this 5.9L gas Dodge truck that gets 16-18 mpg......
    - I think 21 mpg is a little on the high side for any mixed driving for a diesel, and 18 is really good for pulling a trailer with any weight on it.

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