Diesel to gas swap - things to look for

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by DieselBurb, Aug 17, 2004.

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    I got an email asking what I encountered when I did the swap, so I thought that I would post my reply here for anyone else that might be looking into doing it too.

    The swap is a real easy one. The hardest thing for me was getting the gasser back in and hooked up to the transmission.

    Some things that you'll need to look for are:

    Check the engine mount buckets between the BBC and the diesel. I used the buckets off of the diesel since I have the cast aluminum flywheel cover and the extra supports that run from the flywheel cover and the engine mounts. Make sure that you have all of the accessory brackets and pulleys for the gas engine.

    The bad news is that you may have to do some fabrication work in order to make the gas brackets work with the hydroboost/power steering pump. You may also have to fabricate a bracket for the p/s reservoir if you intend to use your a/c. That's another thing. The a/c compressor is different for the diesel (I don't know why) so you'll have to match drill the holes in the bracket. I got the front bracket to work, but the pulleys didn't line up. I'll work on that later.

    As far as the fuel system goes, I just flushed out the fuel lines by putting compressed air to the RETURN line and let the diesel syphon out the supply line. I then poured some gas into the tank and did that over again. Be careful to not over pressurize the tank while doing this. I just gave it a couple or 3 shots of air until I saw fuel coming out the supply line.

    If you intend to use manifolds, the diesel exhaust pipes won't bolt up. Since I intend to someday go back with the diesel, what I ended up doing was getting a set of 2-1/2" to 2-1/4" header reducers and bolted them up to the stock exhaust manifolds. I cut the exhaust pipes about a foot or so from the flanges and used flex pipe to span the gap. It works well and doesn't look too bad. I don't know if they do smog checks where you live or not, but if they do, they might make you put cats on.

    You might have a hard time finding radiator hoses that'll work. I ended up reusing my hoses. The lower hose I just tightened up the hose clamp so that it was good and tight. The upper hose is a little bit more tricky. What you'll need to do is go to a hardware store and find a metal fitting that will adapt from the hose to the water neck. Use metal because I found out that PVC pipe tends to soften when it gets hot and will cause a big leak.

    I just tied up the glow plug wires so that they'll be out of the way. I intend to go back with a diesel at some point, so I left them as they were. The pink wire that plugs into the injection pump on the 6.2 will work for the ignition hot wire to the distributor.


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