DODGE dana 60 break problems

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by primerk5, Jan 19, 2005.

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    I put a 85 dodge 60 under the front of my 85 k5 (14 bt in rear)
    but ive been having break problems. This truck sat along time with the front calipers off before I got it and then when i started to build it we were pulling the original engine with a frontend loader and a hydrolic line broke and the bucket fell on the truck. It didnt hurt much. just made it out of the engine compartment when it came down
    any how all the weight of the bucket came down on the master cylinder but it only broke the plastic resevior (sp) it seems the rear breakes work fine but maybe the front arent quite right. and we cant get any more air out of the lines and proportioning valve looks centered.

    Any ideas??
    oh ya and dodge calipers are the same as chevy calipers on the 60
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    if u did not swap the master cylinder i would try that if it cracked it could allow air in or brake fluid out.

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