Double Triangulated 4 link and lateral control, help me figure out my setup.

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by sled_dog, Dec 19, 2005.

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    Do both sets of triangulated links help in lateral axle location? I ask because I have my suspension all put together and sitting on jackstands, all I have left is spring and shock mounting and gusseting stuff up. Anyway here are my measurements at axle and frame, you will likely see what I am getting at.

    Upper Links:
    Frame End - 26" apart
    Axle End - 7" apart

    Lower Links:
    Frame End - 10" apart
    Axle End - 37" apart

    I think I figured out that the lowers are at about a 40* angle while the uppers I haven't tried to figure out yet, but it doesn't seem like much of anything. Both mount 40" forward of the axle centerline. Upper links are actually slightly longer. Flexing it out on the floor with a I didn't notice any real issues at all, no binding, didn't seem to be excessive axle steer, or lateral control problem(axle moved to the driver side a little but it is flexing of course its going to move on an arc a little). Just worried about what will happen when I get out on the trail. So do both sets of links work together in laterl control or still just the uppers? Sometimes I just feel dumb about this stuff. I would think both sets do it, because I've seen people run reverse single triangulated(closer together at the frame, farther apart at the axle), and have seen triangulated lowers. My brain just hurts sometimes. 6 hours of sleep in the past 52 hours doesn't help...

    Pictures tomorrow afternoon.
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    i imagine both sets have too. there both triangles, therefore they dont allow side to side movement
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    I don't know if this helps but here are my numbers

    Uppers at frame 30"
    Lowers at frame 16"
    uppers at axle 4"
    lowers at axle 42"

    uppers are 43"
    lowers are 41"

    I have flexed mine out reall well with the engine hoist and no significant rear steer and hardly any laterall movement of the axle through its range.
    I am still working on the engine swap so I haven't got any reall world "yes it works" to offer but I have high hopes :D
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    and as mentioned in one of the other threads, triangulated lowers reduce rear flex steer.


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