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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mollyman, Mar 19, 2007.

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    I am putting a 14blt out of a 1ton in my k10 sub. So I have to have the spring perches moved out an inch. I am going to buy perches from DIY4X but I have never paid anybody to do anything like this before. So my question is if I take my rearend to a shop, with the new perches and have them remove the old ones and weld on the new ones, what would be a reasonable price? I know I could remove the old ones myself but I would rather them do the hole thing, that way they can pull their own measurments and stuff.

    My second question is that I am going to buy my own welder this summer and was going to go with a mig. The biggest thing I am going to do is box my frame. Would a mig be good enough? I know this would be a better question for the tool section but I was already here.:D

    Any help would be great.

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    I just charged someone $65 to grind off old perches and weld on new ones in a new location. I figured it would take me about an hour and a half and I charged accrodingly. Shop time in your location may be different so take that into account. I dont think it should take more than 2 hrs.

    Get the biggest MIG you can afford--you'll thank yourself later. I have a lincoln 175 and have had no problems in over a year.
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    A 220v MIG machine will do anything you need it to. I have a Miller 175 and it's the shiznit. I used it for my 14bff spring perches and it worked like a charm. Everything else on the truck is smaller than that.

    Just be sure to get the biggest gas bottle you can afford. It sucks to run out of gas in the middle of a job and the difference between filling a 40ft³ bottle and a 125ft³ bottle is only about $12.

    Most gas shops will fill any bottle up to 125ft³, as long as it's within cert. Any bigger than that and you may have to rent the bottle from them.
    I got my 125 off craig's list for $40. :D

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