Drillin into frame?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by stockk5, Feb 5, 2005.

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    I have a dodge transfer case skid plate that my friend gave me. On his ram charger his skid plate protects the 208 transfer case extremely well, i want to mount a dodge skid plate under my truck but it doesnt have any holes in the frame to mount it to around the tcase. Would it be ok to drill like 4holes to mount it to the frame? Would u guys recommend not having the skid plate touch the tcase cross member? I hate how low my 208 hangs down so i really want to protect it. thanks Mike
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    It is fine to drill holes in your frame as long as you don't drill them to close the the inner edges of the frame rail. Also make sure you use washers on each side of the new crossmember. 1 between the bolt head and frame, and 1 between the frame and nut. A lock washer or locknut is a good idea too. Grade 7/16" 5 minimum on the strength.

    It is fine if the skidplate touches the tcase crossmember, you just must not let the skidplate touch the tcase or have any possibility of hitting the tcase on impact. The aluminum housing of the 208 will NOT take hits. It will break if you hit it on things.


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