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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by cbrown, Feb 25, 2005.

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    I am new to the site and it is great. I have searched all over but havenot found an answer to my problem. I recently installed new gears. I have a 85 blazer 350-700r4-stockTC and 4.56 gears. When we first installed the new gears I didn't have a dial indicator so we set them up loose to make sure we have enough backlash. Well I notced a vibration/shutter after we installed them. I figured it was the gears but wasn't sure. I picked up the correct tools (should have done that in the first place). So we opened up today and set the backlash to spec. No the problem seems to have gotten worse. I think the noise is coming from the TC. It happens when letting on and off the gas in 3 or 4, when barely holding pressure on the gas pedel in 3 or 4, and when decelerating to stop or turn. The truck has a 6 in lift, 35s, and has stock drive shafts. One question I have is that I left the front driveshaft in since I knew not to put it in 4wd until I changed the front gears but could that cause a problem? The front still has 3.08s. The reason I think it is the transfer case is because when you put the truck in nuetral and turn the rear shaft the is a noticeablr clank in the rear of he case where the drivesahft slips into. Also I have checked teh ujoints and changed 1 and the other seems fine. Also all of the bearings and seal are new on the rear axle. Not sure it I have been clear enough or given ebough info (been a long day) but any help will be greatly appreciated

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