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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by sf_wood, Jun 1, 2005.

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    Ok,so i went out and bought an angle finder.Now i need to know exactly how and from where to measure. I've read about 50 posts i need to get this right the first time. Can someone PLEASE help me out on this.Do you measure at ride height , fulldroop ,compressed. The more detailed info the better.
    Sorry about that . Yes, it is.I need to find out what shims to use and or if i need different driveshafts. I got a 1979 k10 with d44,14b ff,465,205,4.11, 6"lift,35" tires,rear shaft u-joint style,front shaft cv style,donor truck(rust bucket).It drove fine NO vibes. New truck 1977 k10 (NO RUST)6"tc front springs,HD shackles,2"tc springs,ORD 4" shackle flip, all greasable bushings,crossover steering,body mounts,1" body lift,t-case mounts,rear disc kit,bolt in steering brace,bump stops front/rear. I plan to use 4.56 gears 35-36" tires. I just need to get this thing going so i can go camping :grin:
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    If you doing this to figure out what degree shims to get.

    At vehicle rest on flat ground, find angle of the driveline, axle pinion and tcase. The tcase and axle want to be just a couple degrees apart from each other.

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