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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by petryshyn, Mar 1, 2006.

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    Just this past weekend I ran into a few problems, as the signature states I swaped 1 ton running gear under the Blazer, in the process I swaped to 52" springs up front (many thanks to Jekbrown, probally would of been confused without the article) Then I proceded to the rear and decided to go with the 56" springs due to less work than a 64" spring swap. (I guess pics of mikah, really inspired me)

    But anyways I did the swap and then got driveline vibes, so I proceded to match the output of the tranny and axel degrees so the binding would be gone. I matched them roughly both to 2 degreees, axel and transfer case, the driveshaft was roughly at ~15 degrees. So with that I thought it would be fine. But when I had the springs at full droop the driveshaft angle is about at 27 degrees. Which creates a binding issue in which I do not want to run and break a yoke ect. By the way I am running square driveshafts (temporary for the rear but probally a perminant fix for the front)

    I guess my question is what are people like mikah(not sure if this is proper) doing for rear driveshafts, I know he is running a square one, or so I believe, but does he run a cv joint at the top or does he clock the axel up and get away with out vibes. Answers would be good, as far as I can see the way I have it set up(parrallel to eachother is right) but doesn't seem to work for the flex I have. Any help would be appreciated.


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    CV shaft is probably your best option for long travel.

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