Drivetrain and wrapping up loose ends this summer.

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    Hey guys, I almost have my Silverado squared away now. It's running like a champ, 385, with a Edelbrock EPS and Truck Avenger, TCI Truckmaster 700r4 and B&M Torkmaster 2400 converter. I will be putting my B&M shifter in tomarrow, but my questions pertain to my drivetrain and suspension.

    I know I am going to run 52" front springs, and a shackle flip out back. I would like to know about possible pro's and cons of 64" springs in the rear?

    Also I have another complete 79 with a D44 front and 12 bolt rear, np205 in it, all in good shape. Should I swap these components onto my 87? Or just step up to 3/4 ton axles and a np 241? My 208 is leaking and in need of a rebuild.

    The body and wiring will be getting attention at the same time this summer, but right now it's leaking oil from the sending unit, and the guage is broke anyway, so should I just swap in an autometer guage and save the rest for summer?

    The truck is daily driven, mainly street, but it's also a play toy, and the fact that it has been breaking down alot is starting to get emabaraaing you know? Anyway, let me know some opinions please.

    P.S. My other truck is 300 miles away, so I would have to go there to disassemble it first!

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