Dropping a Xfer case

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 10pax, Sep 3, 2006.

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    OK Here's the situation... 700r4/208 from an 87 converted into my 77. The pinion angle in the rear is terrible. I have no suspension lift yet and it still looks awful steep. I have components to do another 2" or 3" to the suspension but am concerned about the angle being so crappy already. It didn't seem so bad with the th350/203 that came in it originally but whatever the case, it still looks bad.
    It appears that the Xfer crossmember came with some spacers or something. Thing is, is that they were installed on the top of the bottom channel of the frame. I thought that to be odd but the 87 and the 77 were both the same. What I'm saying is that the spacer wasn't between the crossmember and the frame where I would have figured it to be.
    Here's my question...I have the equipement to cut some 1/4" steel and make some brackets instead of using the spacers that are already there (in the wrong place?). How much can I drop the Xfer and would this be a good idea? I'm not going with huge lift on this truck. I want to put as little actual lift on it as possible to fit 36". I am not afraid to trim the fenders as long as it dosen't look like I'm heading to the junk yard with it.
    It's really killin me to know why these things were placed in the location that they were. I'm stupified over it. It just don't make sense because where they are at now seems to serve no purpose but a storage place (possibility?).


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