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    first off i wouldnt send anyone to this jack ass... ok here is the story...i took my truck to this place to have 3/4 ton axles put under it (14 rear,10 front with 4.10) we swapped my factory axles(10 front rear with 3.08) and a set of axles out from a 83 k5 (10 front and 12 rear with 3.73) also a 208 t-case and locker for the 10 blot rear a good set of six lug rims that came off of it...now here is the bad part...he was supposed to build the axles like new the ball joints and axle seals...but the ball joints are gone and the axle are dripping dope from the drums...he wont stand behind his work or fix what is wrong...anyone know about this ass or been done the same way?
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    I've been by his place twice and he always wanted more than I was willing to pay, but I've heard he does good work. The he being Mike Curtis.

    Next time just ask for help, those are fairly simple swaps.

    ...and you would have had better luck using the regional section.
    There are probably only about a half dozen people on CK5 that have even heard if East Hiram 4x4.

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