Echobit Flip & ?'s

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    Echobit Flip & ?\'s

    My flip kit is about to go on, and I got a few ?'s.

    Is there anything I will need to do to correct driveshaft angle??? Put in any shims, lower transfer case, or what? What would be best (other than CV)??

    Also, when I install my 4" springs (front), what will I have to do to align driveshaft???

    Thanks in advance.. /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif
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    Re: Echobit Flip & ?\'s

    Every vehicle is different. When I installed my 4" lift, I didn't have to do anything (mind you I have a burb). Some people have had to do 1 or more or none of the things you listed. Best thing to do is when you put your lift in, before you bolts up the u-bolts, rest your rig on the axles on level ground and measure your driveshaft angle to determine if you need to shim or drop or whatever.
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    Re: Echobit Flip & ?\'s

    This is what it looked like after my Echobit flip was installed :


    I didn't want to drop my transfercase, or shim it. I agree with not wanting to spend the big bucks for a CV ( I only did for simplicity, and pay for it each month ). And from trailflex to 65-70 on freeway , I have no issues running the CV. A CV also extends the life of every joint on the shaft.

    It was suggested to me when I first posted up after my lift to get an angle finder and see what the actual angle is , then you can plan for your adjustments. You'll find the rear shaft front joint will be the one with the most angle , as your axle is now rotated up , and back a bit.

    If you can get it vibration free for little money, by all means do it. I don't want to push a CV on you. I just like to share my experience.

    Have a good one,

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