Edelbrock Thunder AVS 650 Off Road carb

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    -Edelbrock Performer Thunder AVS Off Road 650cfm carb manual choke. Barely used. Slight corrosion on the aluminum from sitting in the humid garage, 100% cosmetic. Last ran on a 350 crate race engine a month ago. Ran great. Has been run on 3 engines for no more than an hour on each one with premium and vp race fuels. New they are $345,asking $200.

    I rant his carb on my 355 engine in my K5. From the day I put the engine in, it was way better than my 305 but still felt like I was missing something with the Quadrabog on top. So I put on a Holley 600 piece of crap, still felt like a dog. I put this Edelbrock carb on and the truck woke up. It really ran way better than the previous carbs did, and all I had to do was adjust idle mixture a tiny bit. I have no experience with it off road however, I took it for a few trips around the block then parked the truck to build an offroad rig out of, and well many of you know how that ended.

    That is the price without the ride.

    PM me, email at Alan@1337info.com or drop a message here. Need to sell this thing but not interested in lowering the price anymore(already did twice).

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