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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by gravdigr, Apr 16, 2004.

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    What do the electronics on an electric quadrajet do? Can it be run without them? I was basically given an intake, carb, and egr valve off an 86 iroc (I mainly wanted the egr valve and aluminum intake to pass emissions) and was thinking if it would work on my 86 blazer the quadrajet may be a bit better on gas than the 4160 holley 4bbl that's on it now.
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    Since it was off of a car, you can't use it.

    The CCC Q-jets default to full rich on the primaries when not working correctloy/power to the MC solenoid is lost, so you dump a LARGE amount of gas without it hooked up. It WILL run, but since you are dealing with emissions, I wouldn't waste my time.

    Quadrajets a great carb, just that the CCC ones need the whole system to operate correctly.

    Before anyone says otherwise, all car Q-jets from 1981-1990 were CCC, which means they had an ECM controlling their operation. Trucks (CA only) *could* get the same setup based on vehicle specs, but that's fairly rare. Trucks could also have the dual capacity pump Q-jet, which is not run by an ECM but has some electric controls to it, but that is not what he is dealing with.

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