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    Ok My truck will not start battery was tested and its fine. This all started last thursday. I parked the truck after goin to meet the driver of bigfoot ( he took us to lunch friday and our shop sticker is on bigfoot ,I have pics if some one will post). I came out friday morning about 10 to get something out of my truck. I was supposed be @ school but it was senoir skipday so i slept in. Well when i opened the door i noticed that a piece of plastic was on the floorboard, when I picked it up I realized that it was part of my dash. I looked up and saw that my dash was broke and the headunit was gone. Looked around and turns out my backpack was gone as well as my shoes, but they didnt take my amp or mag light in the center console. Well I knew I was having starter issues so i was planing on shiming the starter well I went to start the truck and I got nothing. The igniton didn't respond and my headlights didnt work. I had a$$umed when they took the radio that the positive have grounded with teh chassis and had fried my starter. Well after pulling teh starter I noticed that the teeth were eaten up. The starter was one of my dads old ones we found it in a carquest box from the 80's it was brand new so I put it in a week ago, turns out theres a diffrence in a manual starter and automatic. Well I replaced the solienoid on my old starter I had pulled last week (it was craked) and a$$umed that this would fix my problem. I tighten all the wires up and put the batery on a jumpstart charger (due to a weak battery) and it cranked right up no grind no nothing just perfect. Well monday morning I took that battery outside to hook it up after letting it trickle charge and start the truck. Well the starter didnt work , It made a clicking sound like a dead battery. I grabed the multimeter and it read 12.56 volts so the battery was good, the alternator was replaced last week along with the new battery leads. The headlights once again dont work and neither do the dash guages. I took the batterys to orilley to have them tested it came back ok, claened the terminals and put it back in now i get nothing but i no for a fact that the battery is good and charged. Could it be a bad solenoid? or a burned fusible link? I have dissconect every electrical acessory to the truck In hopes of finding the problem, but Ive had no luck neone got any ideas?
    79 body
    76 frame & drivetrain(44/350/sm465/np203/12boltcorp)
    new alternator( well was taken of a running 454.
    new solinoid( also taken from same motor, I dont think it is this since i started last nite)
    new battery leads
    Battery tested fine
    No blown fuses
    no respose from starter...

    Thanx please help Me ive tried everything I can think of I need my truck back from shool and work. ANd of course I want to go play

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    Do you have any current at the starter when you turn the key? If not it might be something wrong with the ignitionswitch.
    If you have current at the starter then there´s were your problems are.
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    check the junction box on the firewall to make sure you have 12 volts there. if not could be a fusible link or corroded cable near starter. ask me how I know.

    Hope this helps!


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