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    Got in the truck this morning hit the GP (working) then tried to start. Cranks just fine no start. Hit it again, nothing WTF?? Seems Ive lost my GP's, No light No click. So I crank it till it starts and go to do some errands, sitting at the bank I notice my batt guage is dead aswell. I had the alt tested and is fine batts are great cranks over great. But Ive got no GPs and nothing on the batt guage, so are these related? My guess is the GP relay or controller but before I throw parts at it I'm gonna ask the people that know better.

    Any help will be appreaciated. And thanx in advance.

    I just noticed none of my guages seem to be working so when I get off work late tonight or tommorow morning I will be pulling fuses and checking them.

    It was the guage fuse I replaced it and it blew within an hour, what all is on this fuse? I dont understane what it has to do with my GPs? Something is shorting out and Im probably going to have to take it in, I have no idea on electrical but if anyone can tell me what is all on this fuse I would appreciate.
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