Eliminate Single Shear, good for Shocks AND Coilovers!

Discussion in 'Vendor Forum' started by Gravel Maker, Feb 25, 2007.

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    How many rigs come from the factory with a single post for the lower shock bracket? Thats right, Lots of em, and its a real weak point. With the inspriation from our 3 Legged Link Brackets we developed these Shock Brackets. They are a 3 piece design with the main section bent and the secong tab is a slider that you can position for YOUR application before you weld them up. The third piece is a "floor" to add rigidity and strength, they are 1/4" thick and mount directly to the side of the axle.They will fit from the 1 1/4" to the 1 3/4" pin eye mounting points, that pretty much covers all the coilovers and standard shocks made! They eliminate single shear and position the Pin Eye correctly for maximum articulation. They are sold in pairs at $24 a pair!


    Again, I am sorry that the pics aren't better, I am much better with steel than a camera!

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