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Discussion in '1982-Present GM Diesel' started by arq, Sep 2, 2006.

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    anyone know if there is such thing as an emmission label on diesel vehicles. I may buy an out of state(CA) diesel truck and want the DMV:ooo: registration process to go as smooth as possible. I have seen pictures of some engine bays but have not seen the label in them. If there is such lable is there a difference between 50 state(CA) vs 49 state(USA:usaflag: ) label?

    Also, for those of you who live in CA and have bought out of state diesel trucks how was the process??

    I am aware that for gasoline engines the label has to be 50state for that year vehicle unless the owner is moving to CA.


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    Believe it or not, diesel engine vehicle regs are more lax. No smog, no test, most of the DMV doesn't seem to know what they are looking at:rolleyes:

    Rumors are that will change soon so get your diesel now.

    I bought and brought in an 87' 6.2. CHP had to look at it. I have no idea why. DMV had me open the hood and did look at the label but that was it. I think I could have put a Briggs & Stratton in there and they wouldn't have noticed:doah:

    Currently I'm building a M1009 (Military Blazer) and it's from NJ. I think if I can show it was registered there, currently it's expired, I'll have no problems:bow:
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    I don't know about from CA to another state, but if you have a 49 state in CA it will have to pass smog for federal only, if it's a 50 state then it will have to pass the strickter CA smog test.
    You can own any of the 2 in CA. The 49 state is more desirable because it's less restricted.
    All that is for gas only.
    Diesel doesn't get smogged for now, and when they do start, they can only start with the new at the time diesel vehicles.
    I know that wasn't much help to you, but it's some info for CA residents here :bow:

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