Engine help. Keep it or not.

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by gstuck3, Mar 18, 2007.

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    O.K. gents. I need a little input to help me make a decision about my engine. The options I'm looking at are to just get a crate engine or stretch the life what I have. I know the decision is mine in the end but some input will help me make it. As always, money is a factor. We still have to eat. I have a 74 Jimmy 98k original miles on stock 350 with Q-Jet. Runs good but anemic, uses a little oil, leaks a lot. Heads were replaced by PO a few years and will have to check the stack of maint. records to see when. I did a half a$$ed comprission check a couple weeks. I say that because I didn't quite finish before my battery died and I did it cold. Checked the book later to find out I should have done it hot . What I did get done gave me 95-100psi dry and 110psi wet. I still need to get a proper compression check on all cyl. to tell more. I know these numbers aren't great but they were fairly consistant from what I could tell. I planed to re-gasket engine and upgrade to an aftermarket intake and headers and change oil and water pump while I'm in there. Will this help at all? Are the compression numbers too low and I'm just wasting my time. A rebuild is just too much stress right now and a crate motor is quicker and probably cheaper. I live in SoCal in the High Desert and have to drive a ways to get anywhere and it just doesn't seem as reliable as I would like. Any insight would be appreciated.



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