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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by PeteH, Oct 11, 2005.

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    i'm getting frustrated(engine swapping)
    Putting in motor out of a '72 blazer ( a gm goodwrench 350) which was just put into the guys truck.checked the #'s and it turned out to be like a 80-90s casting.
    well i used to have an '81 motor in my 75
    I took the 81's mounts off and then put them on the "72's"
    i put new bushings in the motor mounts.

    then i droped the engine in and the mounts are off 1/2-3/4 of an inch each side! whatd i do wrong?

    the mounts are clamshell type. side tabs(3/8) are near the larger opening. and the mounts will go on only one way. i dont think the block is bigger.
    suggestions??? :confused:
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    Your trying to put a "goodwrench" motor that WAS in a 72 into a later truck??-(73-87??)-the blocks are all the same as far as I know,until the 90's..if your using the clamshell style motor mounts(factory 73-87 style) that bolt to the crossmember,there are two sets of holes they can bolt into--I've never had to move them except one swap that I did from a six banger to a 305 in my 79 C10..but that does not mean you wont have too!..

    There are several different styles of brackets that bolt to the block however...4wd ones are different than car and most 2wd truck ones,mostly the distance of the "thru bolt" hole from the block--its about an inch farther away on a 4wd bracket--2wd or car ones might fit,but the motor will be pointing down un the front,the oil pan might hit the crossmember,and it will throw the tranny and driveshaft angles off..dont use them!..

    The 72 uses completely different mounts that bolt to the block,and have only one 7/16 bolt that screws into a nut made into the mount, that goes thru the crossmember from underneath....if your putting the motor in a 67-72 truck,you need those style mounts..clamshells won't work,unless you MAKE them work! :doah: :crazy:

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