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    Well I have a 355 small block with a Pertronix billet distributor with the Ignitor 2 module, Flame thrower coil, MSD race wires, Autolite heavy duty plugs (brand new) Holley Truck Avenger carb, Edelbrock intake, RCI fuel cell, Tractor 1100 cca Battery (with relocation kit).

    anyways, I was up on the tires today (truck is near 20" of lift with 38.5" tires) trying to time the truck (hasnt run more than 2 hour total time - on and off cant keep running- since i had the motor built).

    While trying timeing the truck I was electricuted by the coil and ripped the hold down bolt out of the intake ( the distributor hold down) and my distrubor popped out while the motor was still running!!! This all while im on my back on the ground..

    I am getting so frustrated with trying to built a truck.. I am losing hope..

    What am I doing wrong?!! Everything is going wrong with this truck.. From the suspension,to not having the motor run yet.. From what I kno this should be a 4-5 hour job (motor in and running)..

    Some one help!
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    assuming the cam and dizzy gears didn't grind one another up, while the dizzy was flopping, things should be fine there. i installed mine in about 20 minutes. but, i'd done a huge amount of prep work already and my truck isn't a skyscraper :wink1:. are you sure the dizzy isn't off by just one tooth or something and that vac lines are hooked up properly (or at least close)? vac lines were my pain in the butt.

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