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    I did the wire splicing to bypass the ESC today. Best thing I've ever done for my truck.

    It was suffering from intermitten rough idle and hesitation just off idle. I had rebuilt the carb 2 or 3 times, looked long and hard for a vacuum leak, tuned it up, reset the timing over and again, tried adjusting the APT.

    Then it got to where sometimes it'd randomly just lose all power. Driving along at 75 in the hammer lane and suddenly the thing has no guts - pedal to the metal and you're still dropping to 55 or 60. It was just dangerous, and I began to suspect the ESC.

    Bypassed the ESC in the parking lot at work, and it runs like a scalded dog (well for a 305 anyway), better than it ever has since I've owned it. I need to readjust the timing now and probably knock the idle down some as it seemed to come up. But it's like night and day.

    If you're having issues and you've still got the ESC distributor and the computer isn't bypassed, that's the first thing I'd do.

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