Exhaust for your Suburban with Flowmaster Muffler and Tailpipe.

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by bigburban383, Mar 21, 2004.

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    It is a used 3-chamber FLOWMASTER muffler 3" in and out. It comes with a custom bent tail pipe that exits in front of the driver side rear wheel. All you do is remove the cat(for offroad use only...) and couple it to the existing 3" pipe. Its sounds very good, not to loud for cruising but people know your coming. I got many complements on the sound/tone. I just got a fresh engine with headers so I am putting on duals. Only fits suburbans with the tailpipe connected and your Y-pipe must join on the driver side. You pay all the shipping costs. $45 + shipping (probably two boxes).

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