Fenders, Spot Welding, Paint prep...yup.

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Ben B., Aug 7, 2006.

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    I'm in the process of stealing my dad's K5, seeing as mine is not running right now and is starting to need some body work.
    My dad's gonna get a more fuel efficient car with gas the way it is and surrender the K5 to me. She runs good, and has had a "floor restoration". Now all i wanna do is replace the fenders and get it painted, so here goes.

    Fenders: Are they spot welded from the factory or just bolt on? Will this be an easy item to replace in my own garage?

    Paint: I know you guys don't like this, but I wanna paint her black primer. She has paint on her now, and various spots of primer where rust has been removed. Can I just sand the existing paint down and primer over that?

    What should I do for prep? After prep I'll find someone with a gun and get it sprayed.
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    Front fenders are bolted on.. Rear quarter panels are a combo of welds and bolts..

    Primer is fine, just make sure it's an epoxy with a catalyst and not lacquer primer... Lacquer absorbs water..

    You can prep by sanding with 180 grit, blow it off, then damp towel/dry towel with denatured alcohol..

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