finally went wheeling!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by stizkidz, May 28, 2005.

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    Nov 11, 2004
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    near Atlantic City, NJ
    Specs: 1988 K5 Silverado pkg, 5" lift rear, 4" lift front, 8-lug 10b front, 14bff rear gov-lok, 4.10 gears, sm465, np205, custom rear driveshaft, rear disc conversion, stock tbi 350, 16x10s, 37x12.50x16 TSL Radials, thousands in new parts.


    After lots of major setbacks, I finally got my truck back on the road (with minor problems). I threw a new steering stabilizer on there this morning and drove to my buddies house where we cleaned the fenders up a bit where the hit on a previous test run. Then we threw the backseat back in and off we went. First we found a trail that everyone local to me knows about but is private property (not being used its just vacant land in the middle of nowhere). Well, sure enough, we look behind us and there is a guy in a ford explorer following us and there is only 1 way in/out. So, we followed the trail around and that's when I realized I could cut through the woods near the highway exit ramp and thats just what we did. I bet that guy is still sitting at the entrance of the trail waiting for us. We then took it over to a pit that is normally dry but due to the recent rain, there was shalow mud (6") and several spots where the mud was deeper (about 1.5 ft). So, this was my first time really wheeling the truck since everything got completed and I wanted to see what it was capable of. I backed into mud holes and ripped it in 2wd and didnt get stuck until I made some huge ruts (had the rear burried to the pumpkin)! Then I was still stuck in 4wd but I got out by backing up and then dumping the clutch in granny low. Overall I had a blast and amazingly enough the only thing that broke is my exhaust hanger so now I have a nasty exhaust leak from it hanging too low.

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