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    Jan 13, 2006
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    my dad went and got plates for the blazer and all that was left was the problem with my turn signals that some of you may have read my post about before. i figured it out today. now i can just take it to get it inspected then drive it!:D i feel kindof stupid because the only thing that was wrong with it was a missing flasher...... i didnt know it was supposed to have 2 in the fuseblock. but if you saw the hacked up wiring in this truck you would have suspected something else too:o....but it works now and that what matters right? hah.. well i just wanted to thank yall for the advice you have given me so far.and soon i will be a member. but for now dont look down upon the petty registered user that i am..:rolleyes: thanks. -sam-
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    Don't ever feel stupid if it takes a while to figure it out.
    I can't tell you how many things I've scratched my head over for days only to have it seem obvious once it was solved. (Often with help from here).

    Congrats, and Have FUN with your Blazer!!!

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