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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 454k30, Jun 11, 2006.

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    I mentioned about two weeks ago that I was going to CO to pick up my K30 which has been sitting in Peyton, CO for two straight years. I got into town yesterday and found that my beast needed some work. Initially i thought a new battery would be all i need. Bought a red top Optima, my first, what a great battery design and boy do you pay for it. Then I realized that my battery cables where in dire need of replacement, heck they were the originals and showed there 23 year age. While replacing the cable from the Batt to the starter the big copper lead to which that cable attatches broke off the starter. So now I pull the starter down to investigate and find that the 4 years that that particular starter was installed the heat from the headers had made all the plastic bits on the starter extremely fragile. Back down to Checker to get a starter. So now thats installed with brand new battery cables and beautiful new battery. I jump in, pump the throttle, turn the key over and let the pump push fuel up into the carb and then crank. Vroom! Starts right up! 2 years without so much as one RPM and it started perfectly. Now I start going through the checks. engine to 6000, check. Wipers and fluid pump, check. Turn the steering, not check. That little leak I had in the power steering drained the system after two years. New fluid, no problem. The I hear it from my brother who has wandered outside "Hey bro, something is leaking from your truck, fast"! Then mom "something smells like gas". Run out to the passenger side and sure enough fuel is pouring from the area of my electric fuel pump right onto the header collector!!! I shut it down and went back to checker to get some more hose to fix that. So now everything is finally together. First trip down the road showed some obvious flat spots on the tires but they are better now. I am still going to change the plugs and maybe the wires, cap, and rotor. Needs new oil in the engine as well but other than that I cant believe it started on the first turn of the key. Hopefully if any of you out there have a truck in storage you can learn from my experience and plan your depreservation a little better than me. Or if you are thinking about storing your rig, do so knowing it will definitley be there when you need it to be. See you on the trails guys and gals!!!!
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    nice little story but use more than one big huge paragraph it makes it hard to read this way.

    k30 trucks rule. :D

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