First time wheeling fun...

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by RubberFloorMat, Jan 30, 2005.

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    well im pretty new here, bought my 91 K5 in Dec. 125k miles 2 family owners;)

    you may remember my New Years eve drunk driving accident, where i had to chase down a girl and detain her..... then a week later hit some black ice and crunched the drivers front corner.

    DUI girls Insurance is SUPPOSED to be sending me 900 bucks, that will fix the side i screwed up.:)

    It has the following mods:
    MSD coil
    6" Rancho springs
    Pro comp 9000 shocks and stabilizer
    33/12.50/15 M/T's
    did a FULL tune up when i got it, plus 4 core rad, new seals and bearings all around, tranny service etc...about 900 bucks worth of stuff.

    Decided yesterday that it was time for some wheeling, went out to a local mudhole/trail spot and put the Big Blaze thru the paces...

    had some fun, wish i had some friends that would have gone:(

    anyway i got into some stuff that i wasnt to sure id make it out of , but i had no trouble walking out of some pretty deep stuff...

    My last 4x4 was about 6 years ago, 91 Ranger STX 4x4:D

    6" Superlift
    2" Bodylift
    BBK Instacharger, ALL the bolt ons!!

    the usual stuff, anyway i used to go out to this place and could go into holes and up trails alot of full size trucks couldent go.

    make a long story short im VERY impressed with the off road capabilities so far, i could use some more lift and some 35"s, but only got worried one time.

    never even got into 4low.:grin:

    Id post some pics but im too poor to be a full member, lets just say, you cant tell what color the truck is.....:laugh:

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