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    I'm putting my truck back together and I just noticed, after I painted them, the upper spring mount for the clutch pedal is bent down (inside the cab, on the pedal asm, with a fully assembled vehicle, it's hard to get a look at). Now that I saw it, I remember from years ago when it was drivable that the clutch pedal would sometime get stuck down if you pushed to the floor, and I had to reach down and pull it up, it wasn't often, but it sucked when it happened. I'm sure the bend is that cause.
    I've already nicely painted everything and am wondering if I should grind, weld a supplemental brace, and re-paint.
    Has anyone else had this bent sprint mount? I'm wondering if mine was just a fluke from when somebody reamed the pedal when a clutch went out or if it's a common problem. I'm not worried about having it look nice, obviously it's under the dash, but that whole assembly was surface rusted probably because the factory just installed it uncoated.
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    The most likely cause of the "pedal stuck on the floor" syndrome is the flexy GM frame. The mechanical clutch linkage just gets all out of whack when the frame is twisted by being crossed up. My '77 used to do that sometimes when wheeling. Once back on level ground, the clutch pedal would work properly again. :cool1:

    The clutch pedal return spring under the dash is pretty hefty, so it wouldn't surprise me to find that it had bent its mount over the last 20+ years...

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