FOR SALE -1989 4x4, 3/4 T Suburban, light wreck, in so. NJ-Make ur K5 8 lug

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    Jul 12, 2000
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    southern ,N.J.
    Let me start off by saying that, at this time, I have no intention of
    parting out this truck. I want to sell it whole and hopefully someone, with
    time, can fix this into a cheap towing machine. If I do not sell it whole I
    will part it out, but at a much later date and at that time I will advertise
    here on the forums, but for now PLEASE DON'T MAKE REQUESTS FOR PARTS OFF IT.. My real hope and WHAT I PREFER is that someone will buy this to use the parts on their own older Burb that they want to upgrade and still have some very sellable parts left over to sell. If your fixing any older Burb or Blazer K5 you won't believe all the neat upgrades you'll be able to install from this. Read carefully before you CALL. I'm not posting 10 -20
    pictures of it here and you need more than backyard skills if your tackling it for resto. IF YOU REPLY HERE ON the FORUMS it will only bump the posting to the top, Email notifications from here fall into my SPAM mail and I don't see them. SO, email me direct at or call. thank you, DAVE

    It's a 1989 Suburban 4x4 ,2500 (3/4 ton), Silverado,(old body style), and it has 144,00 miles
    on it. It is fully loaded with all power and luxury options and even has
    rear A/C. Skid plates, big gas tank,privacy glass,rear defogger, etc. EVERYTHING, including the 4WD, works accept the A/C, which is of
    course discharged through the hole in the condenser. Nothing behind the radiator on front of the engine is hurt. It took a center hit in the front at only 20 MPH Then
    bumped another tree on the rear passenger door. There is one other small bump ,up
    high, on the rear corner of driver side. Windshield is not broken. It has the nice step style bumper. I looked at this truck good , beyond the wreck damage, and there is rot in
    places like the right front rocker (pic)and the rear body supports(pic) that you can
    see in the front part of the rear wheel wells. It's the kind of things that
    most people don't even look at, but I know what to look at, and I do,and I tell you about it .. It is real common for the Burbs & Blazers to rot here first. The rotted areas have no affect on the use of the truck, and I know ways of patching the mounts to
    make them last a lot longer, but I'm trying to say that this was not a
    perfect burb to start with ,even though the gal just paid over $5K for it. If you
    thought of making a perfect Burb then it's also going to take some metal
    work underneath. The floors are good.there are rust bubbles starting on the rear lower quarters.(pic) There are a few bubbles in the paint
    on the rear tailgate(pic). The whole truck appears to have been repainted a midnight blue pearl less
    than 3 years ago. It appears that the frame damage was limited to MAINLY the
    frame horns , that's the two frame extensions that are in front of the
    front crossmember and have no affect on the suspension or steering. Currently it is
    swayed to the left about 4 inches and back appx 3 inches. . It WILL need a visit to the frame shop for a left side tug. side, but I don't see any kinks in the frame other than the
    frame horns.. The Right fender is still good if it springs back . Left fender is scrap and got back into the front edge of the door, mainly from trying to open the door, which does open fine now.(pic). As you can see the core support is in need of replacement, but all the lights &
    such bolted to it are still OK . This is the first year for the nice
    looking horizontal headlight arrangement that is so desirable on this body
    DRIVETRAIN=If you know anything about the fuel injected 350 TBI engines, like this has,
    than you already know these things will go 250K will normal maintenance. The
    engine starts & runs great with no noises, and does not even puff smoke when
    starting.It is very resposive also. The trans is the indestructible Turbo 400 and of course it shifts
    good, It has the 14 bolt out back with 3.73 posi. The radiator is fine. It
    has a nice ,splitter type, exhaust system that retains the cat and exits out
    the rear now with a pair of the big ol Texas tips:-). In it's present
    condition it still drives down the road fine and made the 8 mile drive to my
    house just fine. The 285-16 tires on it are in great shape and I shouldn't
    have to remind you what those new 8 lug mags cost, so before you think I
    want too much for this wreck. Price them out, and the list of options that's
    on this Burb..
    INTERIOR= Nice factory Blue cloth interior with the good looking
    'pinstriped' cloth material. It has the front bench seat instead of buckets.
    All the nice-looking wood-grained plastic is in great shape. It has the
    factory DIN style AM/FM cassette, trip odometer, windshield visors with
    mirrors & light and the little extenders on the end. Dash pad has normal
    cracks, but not real bad. Door panels are nice, Carpet still good.
    Like I said earlier I prefer it be bought so YOU can part it out. you won't make your K5 into a 3/4 ton any cheaper than this and fuel injected too!

    I have plenty of digital pics I can send and even of the other problems I
    mentioned. I don't try to hide anything, but don't waste both of our time If
    your not serious about this and actually buying it. I have a trailer and a
    towing vehicle big enough to haul this monster so delivery within several
    hundred miles is a possibility for reasonable rate AFTER payment , or I
    will help meet someone that you line up. The price of $1600 includes the
    parts listed below. Trades are OK, but please be as descriptive as me and be
    ready with lots of good pics. After returning from the frame shop you could have the front end back on this and
    ready to tow-N-go in one weekend then slowly repair the body work itself as
    you drive/use it.
    * I have a good core support for it with condenser already in
    * I have a decent used front bumper with brackets needed. A #5
    or 6 on the 1-10 scale.
    * I have a straight hood that just needs the clear paint
    stripped off. The sun already did most of it.
    I buy nostalgia hot rod & musclecar parts and
    buy/sell 73-87 Chevy trucks as a hobby. Located in southern, N.J. in
    Pennsville. Easy access from turnpike exit #1. located 5 minutes from
    Delaware Memorial Bridge and 30 minutes south of Philadelphia airport. Call
    856-678-7883 before 9 PM EST. or email . . and be
    specific in 'subject' box please.
  2. crossy

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    Jul 12, 2000
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    southern ,N.J.
    SOLD!!!!!thanx George

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