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Discussion in '1969-1972 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by tonyj, Jul 26, 2006.

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    I just found a singlewall top that I'm picking up for my '71. Looks to be in great shape with just a few barely visible stress cracks. Glass is great, but the lock mech on the rear hatch doesn't work. I'm going to yank the split top off mine and put the new one on. Some of you guys asked for pics of the split top as it comes off, so I'll grab pics of the truck with just the front section on. (I've got the split top up for sale in the sales section if anyone is interested.)

    I know you can get the lock/handle mech from Home Depot, but haven't seen where you can pick up any of the end pieces of the lock mech (the parts at the edges of the hatch that turn to engage the hold down pins...)

    I'm assuming the mount holes for the single top will be missing from my side rails, so I'll have to drill some new ones. Hopefully it's easy, because I'm going to try to do it onsite when I pick up the top. Drive up topless and leave with the top. If everything goes wrong, I'll have to go back with a trailer.
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    Bring some 'C' clamps and pieces of wood and just clamp it down.
    Then do the install @ your place without having to hurry.

    I did it with a top I picked up in NJ once, put it on the bed of the truck we went down for and trailered em both home.
    No problems the entire way.

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