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    Hey im starting stage two of my trail rig, i drive a 83 k20 long bed with a built small block, sm465, and a smoked body. i sourced a mint bodied military k30 minus the axles that i am going to at least replace the body with , my delema is weather i should use the heavyer duity K30 frame over the lighter K20 unit, im building the truck for the rocks, and i am going to put a exo cage on it in the neer future. currently i get the majority of my flex from the chassy and i have like 1 body mount left, i figure the k30 will fight that but it will add weight. the exo cage will also stiffen the chassy as well as add weight. my question is, should i go for the more heavy duity k30 frame or should the k20 frame wiht a cage be sufficient. if anyone has any oppinons i am egar to hear them, also im putting a 6 inch tuff country lift a 2 inch body as well as a zero rate and maby some coustom shackles does anyone know if i would be ablet to stuff 42 inch tires under them with moderate fender trimming?
    thank you very much for your time - Dave

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