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    Ok...If you have followed my threads, I have a 84 C30 truck minus the cab and front clip. What is the difference in the body mounts on that and mid to late 80's model suburbans?

    I have been thinking that a suburban body on a 1 ton frame would be a little beefier than a 3/4 ton frame. I have a HEAVY front bumper that might get heavier and planning a HEAVY rear bumper. I plan on putting some major loads on both. Here are a few other things it would help with.

    1. I have wanted to go to the dual tanks on the burb for a while now.
    2. Would like to mount a rear winch where the gas tank is currently located
    3. THe newer 14bt ff probably in better shape
    4. Plan on doing a body swap anyway

    The other things I would have to do is do a solid axle swap into the 2wd and find a 205 to match up with the th400, and get new drive shafts.

    I know I sound like I have SO many plans and haven't even started yet. Reason being is I go on paid vacation May 31 until the end of August.:D I am waiting to start then and do it all at the same time. I would like to start with a rolling frame and work from their up. Still trying to get parts together to get started. Funds are needed for that though Huh?

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