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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by BIG*RED, Jul 7, 2005.

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    i searched and found a lot of info on this topic. but i got confused. so forgive me for reposting a topic that has been covered

    my 82k5, just doesn't like to stop. so i have been thinking of "upgrading" the front brakes. (dana 44)...not worried about the rears yet, as i have a 14bltff waiting to go in, that will also be getting disc.
    so i'm just gonna focus on the fronts for now..i found a "big brake" upgrade from ssb. but thats a little pricey.

    and after searching and reading threads on here, i got confused. because each thread i read seemed to say the oposite of the previous thread.

    so what can be done to improve my front brakes? do the slotted/cross drilled rotors honestly make a difference?
    is there a different mc that will bolt up? and actually improve my brakeing?
    i also read about power boosters, is there a different one that will bolt up to my k5, and improve brakeing?

    keep in mind, i run 15 inch riims and don't have any plans of going to a larger rim size.

    i need to do something, i live at the top of a steep and straight hill,(its steep enough that if im going up hill and have to stop for any reason before i get to the top, i have to drop the 465 into granny to get going again without rolling back into the cars behind me or burning up the clutch) and i have two stop signs i have to go through to get to the bottom. (stop signs on the street going down, and no stop signs on the street comming up) and honestly, since i can see traffic in all directions, i "roll" through them..but on the few times there is traffic, i'm standing on the brakes with all i have, and to this day i have yet to stop behind the line..and the sad part is, is that i'm only going between 5 to 10 mph, its just the hill is so steep,( i actually do ok, just letting off the gas and letting the tranny hold my speed, but once i push in the clutch, she wants to go, and go fast!) once my weight gets moving it doesn't like to stop...the nice thing is the neighbors are used to this, so if they see me comming down the hill they usually sit and wave me through with a laugh and smile as i'm trying to stop at the very bottem lol
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    well if it doesnt like to stop then something is out of adjustment or is worn out

    id inspect everything, most likely it is worn out master cylinder or back brakes are sucked way in or not getting fluid all way back to them

    common problem on GM trucks

    when everyhthing is in good shape then GM brakes stop DAMN well, especially k-10 and C/K 20 and 30 series ones

    most of these trucks are 12" rotors and freaking 2.75" wide rear shoes

    and thats just on 10 series

    i mean thats damn good

    good luck

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