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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by twoslo4five0, Nov 6, 2006.

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    Alright here is the deal...i wanna do 52s but that is gonna wait cause im gonna do crossover before and i might just do crossover on a 60 (will have too much tied up in a 44)so crossover,52s,and a 60 will all have to wait $$$...i have 4 in sagging superlift soft ride springs in the front (which im told flex preety well) and i need to achive about 2 more inches to clear my 38.5 i have trimmed the fenders and not doing that anymore than is alreay done..whats yalls sugjestion...i wanna retain lift,ride quality,and flex also with $$$ in mind...the cheaper the better...will a zero rate and a shackle achive me everything i need or will that take away from the arc of the spring and not help...remeber $$$ is the biggest deal...and this is a street rig also so it needs to be safe...

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