FS 88 toy landcruiser Pa 18707

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    I'm selling my 88fj62.PA 18707.

    I'll do the good, the bad, and show you the ugly(pics below). My only reasons for selling it , I need a larger vehicle. I just cannot fit the family, 3 kids, dog, wife. I'm a bit cash strapped and the boss said I have to thin the herd I'll do my best to descibe the vehicle in detail. This is my daily driver , grocery getter and hunting rig.

    This is a used vehicle and is being sold as is. I would trust this vehicle to drive just about anywhere. It is my Daily Driver and family go getter. PS/PB/PW/PL AT A/C OD

    It has 270K Inline 6 Fuel injected , runs exelent shifts solid. Starts every time. All windows work, one lock is slow when cold. Blows Ice cold AC in summer, Interior is in good shape. A small wear tear on drivers seat, and small hole in rear seat. Rear heater works great. Solid axels front and rear.

    Everything works The antenna has trouble at the last section up/down but it works.

    The floors are solid and it passed emmisions and is currently inspected till 10/07. New rear brakes new front brakes. 31x10.50x15 's. It has a class 3 hitch and is wired for it. I cannot find any heavy rust on the frame or undercarriage. Just normal surface rust on the frame.

    Four wheel drive works exelent. The 4wd air switch is acting up you have to swap the air lines to disengage the 4wd only.(workin on it)
    Works fine now - it just needed to be used a few time and all is well.

    It has a new walker exhaust from the cat back.
    I have extreme shackles installed +1" ??

    It needs a good cleaning interior. It has some minor rust issues look at the pics. Both rear Quarters, tail gate and hatch. a spot on pass side it started with the lower molding. I've "fixed" the rust issues. I cut out the old and with the magic of fiberglass and bondo cleaned it up. not my best work but presentable. I also addressed the tailgate issues. Both were treated with rust converter and rattle canned with xo-rust flat black. Even the wife say's "looks better" I ran a line 3" stripe/line around the wells and along the bottom.

    On the front Pass. spring pack the two lowest leaves are broken only on the back side. This must have happened quite a while ago I was unable to tell that there was a problem there(no lean). I have two new leafs for it.

    It does leak a little oil from the rear of the oil pan area. Occasionally after driving it for 1/2hr+ sometimes it will go into reverse hard(thud). This isn't an issue anymore I fixed the handthrottle was on a little.


    Here's the ugly:

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