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Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by Emmettology 101, Dec 10, 2004.

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    Ok, the project has to go. Too many things going on right now...

    Here is what I have:

    1991 Toyota P/U

    Body: The cab is basically rust free. The doors have rust along the bottoms, passenger side being the worst... It is not an SR5 model. The hood has a small spot of surface rust on the front lip. The front fenders have some rust. The passneger side is pretty bad, but the drivers side is usable.

    Bed: The bed has some rust aroudn the wheel lips and some behind the wheel openings. The inside is in good shape and I have a bedliner that goes along with it. The front of the bed has a slight bend/bow to it as well as the tailgate..

    Rear axle: stock Toy 8" with 4.10's. Disassembled.

    Springs: I have 57" Ford Springs for the rear and stock rears for the front. The 57's are dissasembled and ready for new paitn and bushings.

    Frame: The frame is solid. I have all the IFS cut off waiting for a front spring haner to be added. Also the front/rear springs hanger were removed as I was going to do a 57" or 63" spring swap.. I also removed the stock t-case mounts(was going to make a custom x-member) and the torsion bar mounts.

    Tranny: stock W56. It was popping out of 3rd when I first got it. I talked to a few people and they felt it was a bearing on the main shaft. I was going to buy a Marlin bearing kit, but haven't got that far yet.

    T-case: Stock

    Engine: I just had the engine rebuilt. The stock block was cleaned and bored .020" over and fitted with SPeed Pro pistons and rings. The stock crank was polished and re-used. When assemble all new bearings were used. The head is a reman and looked liek it had new valves. It has an RV cam with an engraving of "260" on the front. And the head has new valve springs, rockers and rocker shafts. The whole front of the engine is band new. The timing chain is new alogn with metal guides. It has a new Rock timing cover. The water pump and oil pump are brand new also. The seals and gaskets are all Fel-pro.

    I also have new belts, disty cap and such to go along with this...

    I am asking $1200 or B.O. I have about $1300 into the engine. Basically you are buying the engine and I am throwing the rest in.

    Link to my build up thread for pics: PICS AND MORE INFO HERE!!!!!

    My loss is your gain!

    Located in Masury, OH.
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    man, I'd really like to have the 22re and the t-case but dont need the rest of it. :( if you get a crazy offer from some dude that for some reason doesnt want the engine, lemme know!


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