funny brakes

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by blackcherryK5, Nov 4, 2005.

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    i had to replace the rear ring nad pinion on my K5 and had to replace the brake lines on the axle and after all was said on done all the air out of the brake with the rear tires lifted off the ground i applied the brakes and put the truck in gear tires didnt move then i'd let off and hit the brake again and the tires would slow down but not completly stop even when i pushed the brakes as hard as i any of yall know whta the problem could be?
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    could be..

    If your sure all the air is bled out,and you have a good pedal,it could be restricted steel brake lines (pinched or blocked internally with rust and crud)--rubber brake line swollen up inside,or kinked,restricting flow,or the wheel cylinder(s) may have seized pistons and cant push the shoes out hard enough..

    could be worn linings too,they don't stop good if they are down to the rivets or the steel shoe itself..somtimes they dont sound "bad",but when you take the drums off and look, your like> :yikes: --another possibility is the master cylinder isn't pumping full pressure to the rear..

    If the brakes were fine before you took the lines off,its probably still got air un the rear lines..if the brakes were lousy or so-so before,it could be one of the things listed above.. :crazy:

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