Fuse block Diodes?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by ntsqd, Feb 23, 2007.

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    Tried a search, but only came up with dual battery stuff.

    I recall seeing a diode that plugged into an ATO type fuse block on some late model. Looked more or less like an ATO fuse except all black with the diode symbol on the end. Pretty sure it was a GM, but can't be positive. I'm thinking they're part of the A/C system, maybe?

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    Here's where I'm going with this, I do not trust the diode sent with the MSD 6's to stand up to desert racing & my team's owner has decided that he wants an MSD 6 Off Road on the truck. My thot is if I can find these diodes that I'll buy one of the Weatherpak in-line fuse holders & put the diode in it. That will make it easily replaced should it need it, and take any harness induced strain off those flimsy solid conductors on the diode itself. Plus, if the diode does fail it's as easy as installing a fuse to get the charging system working again.
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    later models..

    I've seen "reverse current protection diodes" in the fuse boxes under the hood ,on many late model vehicles..they put them there to prevent the computer and other wiring from being fried if some boob hooks jumper cables up backwards,etc..I'd look in some junkers at the boneyard..the ones I've seen look more like a relay than fuses,but maybe they come both ways?..:crazy:

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