Fuse Block with no ECM

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    I just swapped a '87 cab on my '88 Blazer frame and just noticed the fuse block has a ECM slot but no clips. I am beginning to realize its a diesel cab because I had to drill the hole for the computer cable in the firewall also ('87 should have been TBI too).

    How can I fix this? I just glanced at the block before the swap, and saw the ECM slot and thought it's all fine, but this evening, I was putting cab mount bolts in and noticed there's not any clips in tha dang thing. Cant say I've ever had that side apart on one, only unplugging them from the firewall side.

    Anybody have a clue what I should do?
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    It would probably be easiest to find what was run off of that fuse in the old truck, and simply add an inline fuse (inline or auxillary fuse panel) and be done with it.

    To do it the absolute foolproof method, you could swap the entire wiring harness over, but that is quite a job. Of course, if the instrument panel wiring or column wiring changed, it may end up being easier to keep the right harness with the right setup. If that makes sense. :)

    I know the cluster wiring changed a minimum of twice on the '81-91 series, but not sure exactly where the break was.
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    i removed a complet cab harnness in 45 min before and had never done it before. if you have the other stuff and it is in good shape i would say swap it over. then you know its all 88 stuff and only the cab will be the older by 1 year.

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