fuse pannel replacement

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by original balzer, Aug 2, 2005.

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    so far in my GM history of repairing stuff and modifing stuff i noticed the wireing on 73-87 is mostly the same. wire colors conections ect. so have any of you repalced a glass fuze style pannel with a blade fuze panel. also i have never taken a fuze pannel off, is it a bigger pain than its worth? will it swap in? or should i live with it? the wireing isnt bad anywhere its just that the fuzes break when i pull them out. had a tail light problem a while back was trying to check them but ended up just replaceing all the ones i pulled out.
    they are hard to get out too have to pry them out with a plastic tool.

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    To change the fuse panel between glass and blade, without cutting everything up, you'd have to rewire the entire inside of the truck. Not sure about the engine side though. (since the firewall plug is part of the fuse panel)

    Things like electric locks/windows, heater, and so on have disconnects in them already, but gauge, column and interior light wiring is "solid".

    When you start getting into systems with the "convenience center", which I don't believe all vehicles got, then you start dealing with additional wiring at the column plugs, rearranged wiring, etc.

    Gauge wiring at the cluster is more than likely to be different as well, so you'd end up repinning that connector.

    None of the re-pinning itself is that difficult, but pulling a complete harness out of a complete truck is a pain, as you end up removing pretty much all of the interior pieces.

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