fusible link exposion. lol. how to get tab out of connector, from cab to clip...

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by broncoman6524, Apr 6, 2007.

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    okay. my dist was 1 tooth advanced.(coulndt get it to stop pinging) so i pulled it out and reset it in correct. ran like a top never got to test drive it. after setting the timing and i was now setting the idle. i heard a pop, looked up to see the junction box next to the vacuum booster smoking as well as a fusible link.

    the link went from the connector on the firewall, to this black cylinder which had 1 wire on 1side and 2 on the other. the single wire went to the junction box.

    1 of the 2wires went to the connector, adn the other ot the alt. i replaced the fusible link. left it unhooked from the box. at this point i had ****ed up and pulled the wire out of the connector:mad:

    i unhooked the other end of the wire from the post on the alt. i then took my test light unhooked the neg on battery, clipped it to the pos nad touched the exposed wire from the alt. NO light. so tehres no short. sooo either the link which i believe had a hole in it from me grounded out or my alt is bad.

    NOW on to the connector. i CANNOT get the tab out to resolder the wire to it. ive tried picks and everything. it would slide out towards the side with the wires right? not all hte male tabs...

    SUGGESTIONS!? grr this is my dd and its been down one day already, thank gawd this wasnt at school.:eek1:
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    The fusible link goes from the starter solenoid to the junction block on the firewall. Not sure what you mean by "tab" but you need to replace the fusible wire from the solenoid to the junction block before anything will get power.
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    Barring your other issues, what you are trying to do is de-pin the firewall fuse panel connector, correct?

    What do the blades look like? If they are rectangular, they come out with a pick/paperclip, etc., as you expect. If they aren't rectangular, but have a slot in them, I beleive you pinch the slot shut and they come out.

    Re-reading your post, if the wire broke at the connector pin, don't screw yourself, go get another section of wire with connector from the wrecking yard. You can't make a strong enough connection to have it reliable. I wouldn't trust it to get me to the local store if just soldered to the connector, and not crimped as stock. :( If you have no choice, try it, but don't expect it to last.

    The pick/paperclip goes in from the firewall side, push the paperclip in from the terminal side, not the wire side.

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