gas tank problem and rear diff problem

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    all this information is for a chevy 1986 k30

    ok, first off, today i went to the gas station and went to fill up, i was at roughly 1/4 tank (or so the guage says) stuck the filler in, started pumping, got to 4 gallons and click click done, hmm, so i clicked it a couple more times thinking wtf 4 gallons? took it out and i could see the gas all the way at the top, so i put it away and sat there, it bubbled down some and i put the cap on, i had to meet someone so i went of my merry way, while driving the gas guage went up some little by little roughly 4 gallons i would say to be fair, but it took a long time to get there, so i reached in the wheel well and found the filler neck, then found the smaller breather hose next to it, no kinks

    the truck has been filled several times in the past month with no problems

    is there another line i should check, where could it be clogged, what could be clogging it, please help


    today i drove a little ways and i found oil near my rear diff when i got home, as if it had been spat around, almost like it was being spun (makes me think it was near the driveshaft) speckles of oil even on the inside wells of the tires, only in this area, no stains on the diff cover itself (so it must be before that) and nothing past the driveshaft, thus it must be in that area, it also has the very distinct smell of gear oil

    im thinkin a seal, which one?... any ideas or pictures of what one

    thanks for your help guys

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