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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by muddybuddy, Mar 22, 2007.

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    ive got axles (60/14b combo) that have 4.10's and a buddy has 4.56's and he wants to trade (he doesnt have overdrive) since my axles have been completely rebuilt with new kingpins and seals and everything, i kind of want to keep it and just swap just carrier/ring and pinion. neither of us know how to setup gears. since they are both original installs and have all the shims and what not, would it be really easy to swap everything over? or is it somewhat indepth? are we going to have to redo the patterns or can we measure everything and set it up the exact same?
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    Shims exist because each housing is different. You can't just swap stuff over and expect it to work out. You will have to run patterns and it's likely you will have to change a thing or two.
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    Yes you have to set up the gears, every axle is different.

    If you plan to measure everything why not just go all the way and do it the right way???

    Sounds like its time to learn how to set up gears :wink1:
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    It's a lot more work than just pulling everything apart and putting it into a new housing. As stated before, every housing is different. Before you even think about doing this, you need a few tools. You ABSOLUTELY need;

    Shop press (20 ton minimum)
    Good calipers
    Good in. lb. torque wrench
    Good dial indicator w/ a magnetic base
    Good bearing puller/separator

    If you don't have/have access to these, or don't want to drop the $$ to buy them, then fuggedaboutit dood. It aint worth the headache.:doah:

    I wonder though, would your buddy pony up the $$ to make his old axle in good condition (kingpin rebuilds, bearings, etc)?? If so, that would be a MUCH easier route to go for you than swapping gears/housings.

    I don't mind helping you out with tech info if you really want to do it. But it really is a lot more work than most folks think.

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