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    I’ve been looking on e-bay for a bbc tbi intake, but they are a bit hard to come by. The stock GM intake looks like a normal spread bore intake with EGR and then they add the TBI spacer that is heated with coolant. It looks like when most people do a TBI conversion, they leave the EGR off, so I was just looking at a good (cheap) spread bore dual plane intake that I could use the TBI spacer on. I’ve looked over at the 3rd Gen F body forums and most of those guys think it’s a bad idea to run without an EGR valve unless really modified. What concerns should I be aware of if I don’t run an EGR? What are most people doing when converting to TBI?
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    EGR is only active at part throttle. It cools the combustion chamber temps and really helps to prevent detonation. Many people remove it, thinking that it causes them to lose power. However, at wide open throttle the EGR valve closes... :rolleyes:

    Edelbrock makes a sweet big block TBI intake that elminates the hokey TBI to spreadbore adapter, but it runs about $250. :eek:

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