give yourself a present 205/th400 lower price,tbitanks,more

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    yep.. time to move it

    1988 th400/205 ..late model round style,,,
    out of a v3500... 88k original miles on the truck.. no tow hitch
    clean... (no torque convertor)

    lowered price

    Ive decided to 'burb tank my truck so I have a set of tbi saddle tanks complete with pumps... they have the typical surface rust on the bottom of them but are leak free and clean otherwise, included are the plastic shields, which are very clean (and also the reason dirt sits under the tanks)
    50.00 for the set... does not include tank switch... Im keeping that
    no ship and no pics currently.. my truck has 100k on it/ex forest service I bought at auction... so the tanks have never been damaged...

    sm465/203 adapter... yep this is the one... excellent

    Second gen factory tow hooks... never pulled with, s type

    Complete 1 ton drum brakes, backing plates, drums, wheel cylinders, brake lines, e brake cables and brackets... basically everything.... Im converting to discs on my chassis cab... brakes are fairly new...
    75.00 for all
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