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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by u2slow, Jan 14, 2006.

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    On Thursday morning I gave up trying to start my '84 Burb. 3rd cycle of the glow-plugs, 3rd time cranking, a solid 8*C outside. Better stop now before I wreck something. :rolleyes:

    Today I attacked the glow plugs. Its a good thing you can make an AC clamp-on meter work on DC if you do it right ;) (set it for peak value, and cycle the solenoid once or twice.)

    So I tested the first two glow plugs. They drew ~10-15 amps each. Then I thought I'm check the total draw at the solenoid.... 28 amps :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

    I put on my rocket-scientist hat and deduced that not too many other glow plugs seem to be working. :doah:

    So I started taking them out... hmmm... the are marked '11G'. I guess they're all coming out then.

    Surprisingly, they all came out easily. None were mis-shapen or distorted at all. They had some carbon on them, but nothing a little back & forth turning couldn't break loose. The two good ones came out extra easily - and the ends were clean. (a good tip if you didn't/can't check electrically before you dive in).

    Then I checked each glow plug connector for voltage as I cycled the solenoid. All okay there.

    I had bought my 60Gs many months ago... (back when I replaced the batteries and starter :o). After installing them, I noticed many of the wire connectors were loose - loose enough that electrical continuity was suspect. Used a small screwdriver to pop the back plastic sleeve off the connector. Gave the connector a slight squish with pliers, and put it back together. Much better.

    Got out the ammeter again to check the NEW current draw at the solenoid..... 92 amps this time. :D

    5 seconds on my glow-plug button and it fired right up. :waytogo:
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    I really should replace mine too...even at these temps it takes 12-15 seconds of glow to get it to start. I am pretty sure between 2 and 5 glow plugs aren't working any more now.

    I want to use the Kennedy 'Quick heats' next though.


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