GOING NUTS!!!!fuel pump/carb problem!!!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by tipoil, Feb 8, 2007.

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    looking for my lighter too make my nightmare go away in flame...

    here goes..

    monday when i try to get it starded,it got flooded(battery was to week,it did not start fast enought,so i jump started it and got it to fired)
    keep in mind that it was -25cel. monday

    but i hurt the starter because the engine kicked back on the last try.
    (was making wheird noise ) so i went to the shop to put a new one in :waytogo: beeing there, going to change the fuel pump too(the pump would drain back overnight) .

    new starter in,new fuel pump in, finished!! let the beer flow!!! NOT!!!...
    when i started it up it ran great exept idle was realy bad, i tought maybe it was because of the -25 outside and the+25 in the shop. so (being closing time)parked the truck outside and took a few cold one inside:D figuring it would be ok after the ride home...NOT!!!

    the next day,whent back to the shop to figure out W.T.F is going on.

    the carb was puking all over the intake, so i tought the new fuel pump was bad...so i got other(new)one to replace the(new)one that i put lastnight.

    still the same thing!!!!:haha: back to home for now .. getting late!!
    the next day i did a pressure check on the pump 7 to 7.5 psi...kinda high to me,but just incase,try a other carb from a other car that i have here(the carb run great on in).

    so i went back to the shop to swap carb to try to figure this one out.

    it 's worse the idle all over the place,it bog like hell,it surge,it lean back,and the nozle inside the venturie drip...but it dosent puke gas all over the intake.

    so 2 new fuel pump later and a carb swap ,still runing like crap.

    SO...2 new but bad fuel pump or 2 carb that went crazy on me....:screwy:

    what to do!!!!!!!!!

    tomorow will try a other carb to see what give but almost fell it will do the same thing

    plz help meeeeee before i burn this thing up!!!

    the engine is a chevy 400 the carb is a rodchester 4 barel the fuel pump are carter mecanical in a 77 blazer

    sorry for the bad english...i speek french:blush:
  2. Craig Artzner

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    I had a problem like you're describing on my Blazer last month. There was dirt in the needle and seat which caused my carb to flood out. I suppose it's possible both carbs you used may have that problem.

    Did the second carb you use run good before you put it on your truck?
  3. Leper

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    When you changed the fuel pump you could have gotten some trash into the line. Water in fueltank? Water in fuel filter(frozen)? Trash in filter? Water in carb(frozen)
    Stop swapping parts. Run a secondary fuel supply from a can, with an electric pump, through a filter, to the carb and see what happens.

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