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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by freeflow, Nov 28, 2005.

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    Ok my buddy just brought me the 4x4 suburban frame i had, all bent up and junk, haha. Im in the proccess of grinding all the stupid rivets out so i can get all the front hangers off. Now the core support mount on the 2wd doesnt have the bottom to mount the spring hanfer to, so im gonna put the core support mounts off the 4x4 frame on there, now do u guys know if the holes are the same, so i can just bolt the mount onto the frame, it would make it alot easier if they were.

    And the front hangers for the rear springs are diffrent between 2wd and 4x4 right. Can i take the 2wd ones off and put the 4x4 ones i have on. Looks like that would give it a few inches of lift right there, and im gonna do the DIY4 shackle flips in the rear. Im gonna run the 56" springs in the rear they are alrady on there.

    On the front im gonna run the 52" springs i got off my 10 bolt rear axle, SHould i get the 7" rear shackles and zero-rate the axle forward 2 get a good lift and descent driveshaft angles.

    Thanks everybody ill try 2 get my webpage updated with some pics and ill pu a link on here so you all can check out the progress.

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